Watch the Signs

Watch the Signs

(first image shot on the other side of main Phi Phi tourist village)

One thing I love about visiting other countries (or sometimes locally) is seeing notices and signs that are from another language base, translated into English. Now I’m by no means making fun of the translators (I cant translate into any other language and have fun at times with English!), but sometimes signs make no sense, little sense, or are just unfortunate in their wording. Walking to the main tourist village area of Phi Phi one day, I could not help but notice a number of signs aimed towards the likely drinking tourist. Ultimately they make perfect sense…I’m just not used to such sense being posted on a sign…

Watch the Signs1

Watch the Signs2

Perhaps its me, but I was pretty aware of these two warnings.

Tomorrow might just wrap up Koh Phi Phi and move us onto the final destination of the holiday. Back home in New Zealand, its dark, cool and raining. Quite the opposite to my time in the photos above.



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