The Golden Triangle

The Three Countries

Heading North, the Golden Triangle, we reached the edge of Thailand. Looking out across the narrow straight of water the two neighbouring countries of Myanmar and Laos could be seen. Off far away in the distant centre was also China. Laying on the waters edge of the other two were several very large Casinos. I’m told they are very popular, and people in China take a long all day boat trip to visit them. Boats raced up and down the straight. I wondered how they really police it from an immigration perspective.

Map of 4

Looking from a highpoint above, we saw a small centre island between the countries. Im sure it belongs to someone, but we were told how it was, long ago, a popular trading point for poppy’s (opium).

We then headed over to the road boarder to Myanmar (I think it was that way). The line to get across was massive. Stocks of mostly water came trundling in via bike – some quite comical the load and size. The one in the below image getting the shakes as it rode past. A popular market area for Thai I’m told. I did notice a markedly lower number of tourists.

At the Boarder


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