The Missed Shot

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe missed shot. So often its because one has not brought their camera with them. Other times, its the fumbling around getting ones camera at the ready just as something happens. Today was a bit of both. Arriving home, it was a welcoming sight to see a couple of goldfinch pecking away at my cropped wildflowers. I had noticed one in the morning, so now back with its mate, I assumed they might be feeding for a while. Casually walking back to my camera cabinet, choosing my longest zoom (300mm on the Olympus – 600mm for 35mm format). Back to the window, slowly so as not to scare the finches I crept. ‘this will be a nice photo for the day I said to myself’ (in my head, not out aloud). Alas…the birds had grabbed what they came for and left.

So for today “The Missed Shot” – or “Flowers on the Fence-line”



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