EDC/Whats in my Bag – Lite Edition

edcliteOccasionally when I have time to kill and am online, the ‘things’ photographer in me enjoys viewing ‘Whats in my Bag’ posts. You-tube is full of them, as are general online blogs (Japan Camera Hunter being a great one).

On those lazy image days (e.g. today), I though I’d share my ‘bag’. As I have several cameras and image taking devices, I’ll span them out over various posts now and then. For me, I don’t have a specific, all-time set up. It depends on the day, the mood and what (if anything) I have planned to shoot.

With the absolute standardising of smart devices on the market/that people carry today, my ‘Lite edition’ may well be similar to so many photographers and non-photographers alike. For this ‘Edition’ I leave the bag behind – its comparatively cumbersome and gets in my way. All I need is a pocket. I think I have spoken before about choosing to not use a smartphone anymore, but, I do still have my iPod touch. Certainly not the most amazing camera around, but for the ultra slim size, and ability to edit and post on the run, its my favourite choice when I don’t feel like carrying much. Linked with my leather card holder, and trusty Victorinox Tinker, it’s ultra light, and good to go.

Although nothing to do with camera’s, I almost always have my Swiss Army Knife on me. The ‘toolkit in your pocket’ comes in handy more than one would think, and being Victorinox, is a well crafted and reliable tool.

Thats all for today. Next time I feature ‘Whats in my Bag’, I might even have a bag!



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