Albany Bush Walk Sunday

Uni bushwalk 1Around my old University campus there has always been a large bush area. To be fair, the whole area was bush and crops when the university first was built. Now on the edge of a large shopping area, the university has continued to grow since my days there, yet the bush remains. Strangely, I have never (until today) been through it on a walk. Un signposted, Im not entirely sure its an official walk – but I came across several walkers and mountain bikers on the lower trails – although not a sign of life on the upper, overgrown drainage type trails.

Completing what looks like on google maps to be about half of the area, I ended up strolling through my old campus (Massey University). Its been a few years since I completed my Masters there now, and although the image below is about as it looked when I attended, the back side has grown about double in size.

Holidays over and back to work tomorrow. For anyone familiar with Garfield, Monday’s are something him and I have in common – especially after a holiday break!

uni bushwalk 3 uni bushwalk 4 uni bushwalk 5 uni bushwalk 6 uni bushwalk2


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