Film Week – The Passage

My beautiful pictureNo more words left for the ‘Film Week’ pictures.

I saved my favourite of the roll of film till last.



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  1. Hello. Very nice shots. I was looking for info on the Richo camera and ran across your blog in my Google search. I have only shot film on a newer Nixon and that was years ago. I think I may need a film camera for an upcoming class though and was wondering if you shot these all with Richon and if you’d recommend me buying one because there may be one available in my area.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the compliment. All the shots from the posting 9 dec-15 dec 2013 were shot on my Ricoh TLS. I still have and use it, so I do recommend it to someone looking for an older camera. However, I should also balance that out by highlighting that its light meter uses the old unobtainable mercury cell battery (one can get an adaptor or use the short life hearing aid batteries to get around this). Its also a very heavy camera – which is nice to use, but you notice if you lug it around. If you can pick one up in person and see how what works for you first its well worth doing so. What glass/lens you have on will massively affect the final image – on the older SLR’s this is the near the top of the list to check and make sure its all clear. My TLS is great, but does not offer any functions (ore often less functions) over a newer old SLR that has no battery source issues and a newer build. Hope that gives you at least something to ponder as you consider the one near you.

      1. Thank you very much. That was very helpful. I am also looking at a Canon AE1 50 mm that somebody nearby me is selling so I may go with that one. The Ricoh is bundled with a bunch of other old cameras Kodak and others for a lot more money, so I may go with the Canon. I have not handled many film cameras but my Rebel T3i and the T2i I had before it were pretty heavy so I’m a little used to that.

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