Film Week – Little Guardian

My beautiful pictureThere are a number of elements that keep pulling me back to shooting film on occasion. People once argued between film and digital – which was better, more cost effective, had better dynamic range etc. etc. I think we have reached a point where both fall under the umbrella of Photography, but are very different mediums. I don’t believe film (I’m talking 35mm)has any superior quality to offer now days image quality wise – potentially quite the opposite, especially if you just get it developed at your local chemist.

So what brings me back to it time and again? Ive thought about this on and off quite a bit. I started my photography days with film. Anything other than sub mega pixel web cameras simply didn’t exist as I learnt to shoot a SLR. So there is some personal nostalgia there. For cameras like my Ricoh TLS, its also the nostalgic feeling one gets holding and using something old, well used and mechanical. Aside from the light meter, I don’t need a battery. The camera was made of quality materials and built to last. The paint has worn and scraped off in areas, leaving the brass construction exposed. It looks old, it is old, but it still delivers the odd image that I absolutely love.


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