Life on a Twig

Life on a TwigWork found me at Butterfly Creek today for an all staff meeting. After the meeting, myself and a few other staff took the opportunity to go through their butterfly enclosure (and small farmyard). I’ve been once before, so in preparation brought along my Nex 5N with a few different lens’. Unfortunately, whether due to the time of day, or time of week, it was not as full of butterflies as the other time I went, but I did manage to get a few shots I will share over the next day or so none the less.

Some butterfly facts:

  • The earliest fossils of butterflies date back 40-50million years!
  • Depending on the species, they live from a week to a year (a week sounds pretty sort aye!)
  • Traditional Japanese see the butterfly as the personification of a persons soul. One definition of the Greek work for butterfly means soul.  
  • They cant fly if their body temp is lower than 30c degrees(86f)

Shot on the Sony Nex with 16-50mm lens. Cropped in Gimp.


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