Autumn Colours


A lot of my local area is covered in evergreens. Great from one perspectice, but missing out on the beautiful colours the trees get as their leaves slowly crisp up and fall to the ground.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy s2  and edited in Afterfocus,I applied some filter effects to bring out the autumn feel.

Related to this,I caught the tail end of a tech news report on tv today discussing how the world press society were in argument about different post take filter effects were changing the meaning of images, and therefore are questionable in their reporting quality.

No doubt editing has evolved, and done in specific ways creates a different story or meaning. But then reporting is also told from a specific perspective also, and may always look diffetent depending on ones position in the story.

Even the old great photographers edited their film work to alter the story being told.

For me, I like to work with a mix. Sometimes editing, sometimes not.


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