Giraffe Shot

SONY DSCWhen I think about the dinosaurs (not that I do that very often) and our current day animals, the giraffe is like the modern day brontosaurus to me. Long necked greens eater, evolved to reach the high trees. Funny looking, but gorgeous creatures that for some reason always look well presented.

Today’s shot is my last for now from the Sydney Zoo series I have dropped in this last week. On a related note, one of our local giraffe from Auckland Zoo, Nakuru, has just completed her journey across the ditch to Melbourne Zoo to find a new mate…proving that even giraffes get seasick along the way!

One or two interesting facts – they can close their nostrils, useful to block out ants or in sandstorms.A giraffe only walks or galops and can sustain about 50kph (30mph) for several km. Lifespan is up to around 25 years. Greeks and Romans theorised the giraffe was a hybrid of a camel and leopard – called a camelopardalis! 

That will do for giraffe facts for today…



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