Secret River



Secret River is in my mind.
I can go there any time.
Everything Mother Albirtha says is true.
The sky is gold and the river is blue.
Secret River, I love you

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, The Secret River, Scribners, 1955, p. 56

Shot on the Olympus four thirds E500, edited in CS5 and Gimp.



2 thoughts on “Secret River

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  1. i am reading some similarities in what inspires us as artists in the post you made today. Would you say that the woods or forest brings out your shy inner photographer? I used to get spooked in the woods and would always go off trail. Have you ever been lost in the woods?

    1. I think for me the forest is a place I draw energy from, or find real relaxation. There is a calm and quiet solace that I certainly am drawn to. I love exploring new paths (or old closed ones). I have been lost a few times over the years – one time down South had its concerning moments, as I was hours away from anywhere on the track. Thanks for the comment, I really enjoy your work.

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