Lest We Forget

Lest we forget


In Gallipoli, 25th April 1915 2,721 Kiwi and 8,709 Australian soldiers died in an attempt with allied forces to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula. Both sides suffered heavy losses, and the attempt failed. Such losses for relatively young countries however stirred the public, and began the long standing ANZAC relationship between our nations. On rolled WWII and the ANZAC spirit continued. The day marked losses by those in both wars, and subsequently in modern days, all those who have sacrificed sometimes the ultimate in service.

I rate ANZAC day as one of New Zealands most important, and might write more about this tomorrow. for now however, I’d like to leave you with the song ‘Poppies & Pohutukawa’

Poppies & Pohutukawa

Lest We Forget

We Will Remember Them    


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