Keys to the House

Keys to the house

In what must be record time (for us), our internet issues have been resolved and we are back online again. One tick in the ‘to do list’ for our new home. Next on the list is re-seating and sealing our laundry tap. Things built up in the last week of packing, and my clothing is starting to whittle down in the selection pool.

Todays image was the first I shot with the transfer of ownership and key’s collection. Using the GRD with high contrast B&W on Macro, I shot from the bench, towards the brick ‘theme wall’ in the lounge.

High contrast B&W is a popular option for many Ricoh GRD fans. I have not used it a whole lot, but think I’ll give it a bit more of a go for a while. Being very contrasty and [digital] grainy, one can bump up the iso, if required, with little affect to the image.

On the subject of Ricoh and it’s GRD range, I am excited to read the GR V is finally on its way – albeit not officially announced yet. Fitting a APS C sensor (like that used in the majority of DSLR’s) makes it an amazingly small package with a lot of promise for delivering amazing images, yet still fitting in your jeans pocket.

I dont think I will be shifting up any time yet when it is released (If Ricoh sent me one I would happily use it!). My GRD IV is still as good as the day it was released, creates great images, handles well…and just does what was designed to do. Its all too easy to jump on the need, want, must have band wagon without really assessing if one genuinely does need. Back in the film camera days you might own the same camera for several decades. In our current Technology age, one year is sold to us as being a lifetime (hello Samsung and Apple). There is no argument the latest models are [usually] a step up, but whether its a required step up is another question. When my Sony 5N was replaced with the latest 5# and the improved Nex6, both models gained function, but lost battery life – image quality was essentially identical also. I love playing with new toys, but have also started to reflect a lot on how much the ‘consumerism and marketing god’ pulls at our wallet strings. Branded is a fun movie I caught a while ago which creatively plays with this idea.

That will do for today. Its only Wednesday!


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