City over the Water

over the water

Another busy day, especially for a Monday. I managed to shoot off down to the waterfront after evening training and catch the end of the sun retreating behind the hills. I know I have featured the city several times before – at slightly different focal and view points. There is something about a cityscape that I love looking at. Living just outside the city allows beautiful views of it, and distance wise, if I need to go in, that’s no big issue either.

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV at 6 seconds ISO80 in its only 28mm focal length. Aside from resizing, no post editing tricks and no in camera filters either today, just a straight shot in its natural colour. It was quite an awesome sky!


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  1. Just LOVE the subtlety and calmness of the shot overall..

    Mike, I have been really thinking of getting the GRD IV and I have had (a very good) experience with my GX200.

    The only thing that is holding me back is the sensor size. I wanted to know how big a print can you make from the GRD IV. I intend to use the GRD mainly for street shots and a carry on camera. However, I would imagine getting a photo book made of the shots… is it sensor size good enough for prints?

    Please do tell…


    1. Hi Ali, thanks for compliment.
      I have made a number of A2 canvas prints from my GRD IV, both in colour and in B&W. Granted you can usually get away with a little more on canvas due to its makeup, but I am pleased with the result of all the ones I have had done. On a plain printing position, I have made several holiday books recording my trips away. They are generally up to the A4, but probably more being closer to A5 size – both without issue also. The sensor certainly is smaller compared to mirrorless and DSLR options, but I think it also has a quality of its own. If I compared to my Nex 5N, the Nex has much more detail and options to crop, but its also larger to lug around (not that its that big either) and the menu system is not as nice. The GRD is a perfect small carry around, with a great menu system and I feel great image quality for its sensor size. They are getting a little more attractive price wise (The GRD V is rumored). Depending on budget, for a small carry with great image quality you might also look at the Sony RX100. I have not used it and dont feel the menu will be as good – but printing wise it would be excellent.- that being said, it is more expensive.
      Im starting to rant so will leave it there. If you have not, visit the Ricoh Forum – lots of info and nice people there ( )

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