The Motorbike -in film-

My beautiful picture

As mentioned yesterday, I finished and developed my roll of Kentmere 400asa film in the Ricoh TLS. Today’s shot is a close up of my bike I shot whilst waiting to go out on the Saturday.

Its sometimes hard to show as my film scanner is nothing flash, and I don’t have the right lens on any of my digitals to shoot film, but I was very impressed with the Kentmere 400. I have loaded another roll into my GR1 to shoot in the next week or so.

As we wind into another week I am slowly winding down, ready for a Christmas break for a few weeks. Christmas is a funny one – its traditionally a time to rest, reflect on the year and the year ahead. Its also busy (sometimes very busy) and at times stressful. I already have plans for a dozen extra projects, but think I will need to put things in perspective and acknowledge its just two weeks!

But until Friday afternoon, its business as usual!


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