EXIT 420

Exit 420

As part of a Christmas function I took some part in organising for work we had a local live band, EXIT 420. What they lack in years, they make up for in talent. Playing a broad spectrum of rock, and the odd Christmas number, they had a decent group of the audience up dancing and stepping to the beat. Perhaps I am starting to show my age, but these guys were young – I don’t recall talent to that degree when I was their age (I was playing orchestral type music…)

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N at 3200 ASA and 1/60th of a second (no flash) I am still very pleased with the low light capability of the Sony. Looking at some of the more recent releases in digital cameras, we are simply seeing better and better low light capability- a great bonus for all, but especially hand-held no flash shooters!

In Gimp I darkened the right of the shot, off and behind the stage and added a vignette. I then popped the contrast up a few points and resized.

If you are ever in the Auckland area, check out their facebook page linked above and see if you catch them live somewhere!


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