On the Hill

On the Hill

A lazy view relaxing in the long grass and sun from Mt Victoria on Aucklands North Shore. From here (if you look the right way) you can see the CBD, the Harbour Bridge and out towards West Auckland. A quick scamper over the crest and the rest of the North Shore, and local islands off it can be viewed into the distance.

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV, using the bleach bipass mode. In Gimp I resized and added the rounded corners, otherwise as is from the camera.

Its been a wildly various week of weather for us here in Auckland – a beautiful hot sun today, heavy rain and tornadoes only two days ago. Here is hoping we are coming into some stable summer months.

Christmas is well and truly near. Shopping wise I adopt the ‘not time yet’ attitude, but heading into the shops today, I can see many are already stocking up.

The sun is still shining, so I will log off here and get back out into it!


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