Horse on the Hill


As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to concentrate on mobile phone photography (and the wordpress mobile app)over the next week, and experiment with photo editing apps out there for android.
Last night I installed Afterfocus. Reading the writeup and comments on the android store, some say it brings dslr quality to your mobile phone. Whilst that was a big statement, it does have a number off good reviews, so i gave it a go.
For those of us who use both, you will know the biggest limiter (well one) on small sensor cameras is their wide depth of field (this can also be a positive). Afterfocus allows one to digitially remaster the depth of field afterwards, giving that wide open feel of a dslr. I must say, I like it. As far as using a mobile only for a camera goes, it really opens up post processing creative options.
Horse on the Hill was shot in my last visit to new plymouth. Using Afterfocus I ‘opened up’ the aperature, adjusted to black and white and added another colour filter. Im only viewing it on my galaxy s2, but for a quick edit I am quite happy with the result. I will likely try another edit using it again tomorrow.

Please excuse any typos or non caps. Im in a bit of a rush and am not the fastest mobile keypad user!


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