After mentioning I had been house bound for the past few days recovering, and not been out shooting, I ran into today’s image ‘Deflation’ literally outside my front door. With Halloween the other day, we had put up some decorations, inviting trick or treaters to come and pay us a call. We had a number of balloons with hand drawn faces floating around the yard, the above poor fellow (if one can call an object a fellow) ‘deflated’ on the ground.

I though the expression on its face was great, and didn’t move or adjust it at all position wise for the image.

In Gimp I cropped the aspect, pushed the contrast a little and also brought out the yellow slightly.



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  1. Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    ..makes me laugh…i recall halloween time in the uk….if you didnt open the door when trick n treaters knocked, they’d get aggressive…kick your door, pelt your windows with eggs or worse…shout obscenities at you thru the letterbox….thats life in the uk now…not like the old days….

    1. It’s funny/sad the expectation to get something. We had some people come who you had to force a ‘hello’ from – they just had their eye on the candy! Still, lots of the younger ones were great. No real tricks though – funny or nasty. Cheers for sharing!

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