Fish-eye’s Bug

I mentioned perhaps a week ago that I had taken delivery of a wide angle and a fisheye lens for mobile phones. I have been waiting for the opportunity to give the fisheye a go as I love the distorted reality they offer – as well as the potentially useful capacity to record ~180 degree vision in one shot.

Armed with my Galaxy sII, and a busy day of chores and shopping, I kept the lens in pocket (and you cant say that about many lenses, especially in jeans pockets! I spotted a nice old VW Beetle in the carpark. That alone made me want to take a snap (I’m quite the fan of nice 70’s and older cars). Standing out with all its curves, the fisheye gave it even more of a sense of warpage.

Really this is more of a fun snap testing a lens than a serious image – but for many/most of us, that’s part of photography. I must say I was impressed with the lens (it cost next to nothing) and accessories like it really do open the door of possibility even more for mobile/smart-phone photography. Whilst I still rather have a dedicated unit, I have many friends and colleagues who only use their mobile cameras now – and why not. The equipment does help the image, but its the user and their creativity behind the lens that makes something amazing or not.

I cant recall if I have linked to it before, but for those interested, check out the Mobile Photo Group for some photographers who have really picked up and gone with this as their primary tool.


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  1. Cool shot! I love these old cars too. Morris Minors being my dream car. A fish eye lens is out of budget for most hobby slr photographers, it will be interesting to see more of these in the hands of camera phone users. What does the lens actually look like?

    1. Thanks. Minors are cool little cars. I went looking to buy one a few years ago, but decided to take a break from doing up cars (I seemed to always have something in parts for many years). Heres a link to what looks to be the same lens set I purchased of ebay:
      As you say, a D/SRL fisheyes are out of budget for many. Whilst these will never be of the same optic quality, they do offer a great opportunity for the rest of us to experiment a little!

  2. Just curious…Do you know what year it was? I had a 1960 black bug named “PT” (Powerful Thing) in college and this one is more recent.. What memories that picture brought back.

    1. Hi. No idea sorry. It is in my local village, so if I do see if out again I will try to remember to look. Great vehicles – I wish I had purchased one before the value started increasing again!

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