Dark Forest River

Today’s image, ‘Dark Forest River’ came about from a second (with daylight and more time) walk through Smiths Bush today. Just before we entered there was a massive heavy downpour of rain, which resulted in some beautiful glistening, and flooded portions of the track. A small stream had widened quite a bit sine a few days ago and I took a few shots looking up it.

Armed with both digital and film, I managed to finish off a roll in my Rollei 35 today. I’ve been shooting the 100 as 800Asa, more for a push developing experiment as I have not tried that before. Fingers crossed I will have something to show you all for it some time later this week.

Using Gimp in post processing I first converted to B&W, then manipulated the image by squishing and stretching it a little and adding the black frame-lines to give us a bit of a ‘cinematographic feel’. I like the end result.


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