Nature Wins

Whilst out for a walk the other day I happened upon a strange little bush area on the side of some industry. Curious I stepped over the chain fence and went to explore further. Initially it was mostly long grass and a lot of clay and topsoil that had been dumbed at some stage. As I walked in further the clay and topsoil had all grown over with lush grass, and the bush and trees got a bit larger. The area was full of Tui (New Zealand Birds) and there was little indication how close of the buildings and road one actually was.Looking a little deeper, it was obvious that the area had been a bit of a dumping ground over its time in the making and i found this wrecked motor scooter being covered in grass.

In its own little way it got me thinking about what things might look like if we went like the dinosaurs one day and disappeared. – Nature would slowly creep back and retake the earth. I’ve read some interesting articles about the Chernobyl area, where in ways this has partially happened with wildlife moving back into the areas now closed off to humans. Movies like I Am Legend portrayed it a little also, as have numerous TV Documentary series’.  Its an interesting thought anyway…

Taken on the Sony Nex  with my Jupiter-8. In post shot within Gimp I added some vignette, bumped up contrast, saturation and applied a little sharpening.


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