Forgotten Days

Today we went for a stroll around the Auckland Domain, Winter Gardens and Museum.  I took the opportunity to bring along my Nex with the newly received Jupiter-8 lens. Overall, for an old legacy lens I was very happy with the results. Wide open it delivers some beautiful shots and stopped down is equally nice. Portraits look beautiful and general landscape was pleasing to the eye. I was using the Industar 61, but think this is my new favourite 50mm (film) lens.

The museum had the Wildlife photographer of the year 2011 display on, and I spent some time admiring the wide range of photos. What I also noted and liked was that not all the stunning images were captured on top line cameras. Many were, but some were right down to novice DSLR cameras, and one even a point and shoot (cant recall the model now I am home).

I also went for a stroll around the museum, and took today’s shot from a ‘times that were’ section, showing some of New Zealand’s cultural and social history. Wooden blocks and sewn dollys – not something you see in every home now days! As much as anything, it was a indoors test for the Jupiter – but I liked it enough to post up today.


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