Photo Sketch of a Memory


Todays image is a bit of a recreation from when I was around 7 years old. I was walking home, through a graveyard after sunset one late summers night. Memory serves that it was a mild/cold evening, and particularly quiet.  As I walked past a certain part of the graveyard, one of the taller gravestones had a weird red shining light on the top of it, glowing enough so I could make out the surrounding graves. As a small kid, I found it pretty scary and took off home at a quicker pace.

Ive since visited the graveyard many times, and always stop to look at the grave with the glowing red light. Its solid concrete…

I don’t have any explanation for what I saw, but it sticks firmly in my memory to this day when I pass graveyards.

‘Photo Sketch of a Memory’ is an image of the very grave. Working in Gimp, I gave the image a sketched B&W filter and then inversed it, upping the contrast. I then transformed the concrete light into a red glowing light, not unlike that in my memories.


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