Penn an Wlas

Penn an Wlas, better known as Land’s End in UK is my photo for today. Taken in film some years ago, I just got around to scanning it today. Just out of Cornwall, Land’s End is the western most point of the UK. I recall the beautiful scenery of the area, and the high walled jagged cliffs that dropped to the ocean.

I like the noise from the film used and the almost painting like scene that the colours produce. Cropped in Gimp to remove some of the foreground and Sky, the photo was likely taken on my Minolta 700si.

I received another 35mm camera in the post today, an old Russian Zorki 4. I think I will give it a CLA before sticking a film through it, but overall it seems to operate great for a model dated early 60’s. At some stage I will post up a ‘my gear’ page featuring both digital and film cameras I use or intend to use at some stage.


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