Natures Paintbrush

As one would gather scrolling through my posts, I take a lot of still life and nature type photographs. This may be in nature itself, or capturing a street void of people. I actually enjoy taking pictures of people and events also, but I think I often use my photography time as my own little time-out or quiet time to (in the week at least) break from the day to day roles our work puts us under.

Looking at todays image, what you wouldn’t know is that I was standing over a busy motorway with a good amount of people walking by on their way home. Titles ‘Natures Paintbrush’ I love the color todays sunset had, and the sweeping cirrus type clouds that look like they are converging upon the setting sun.

Shot with the Ricoh and cropped to remove some of the foreground in Gimp. One more day till the weekend!


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