The Night Wharf


Mondays are typically a difficult day for me to take photos as I have commitments from sun up till late evening. Being I have not taken images the last few days however, I was determined to head out and post a non archives pic today. Taken around 10.15pm, this ~4min exposure @400asa on the Nex was my final result, ‘The Night Wharf’.

Its the first evening I have tried long exposures with my Nex. I often did them with the Sony A230. Im quite happy with the 5N’s performance, and will have to head out another night when I have more time, and more batteries! (this one was low before I left, and I didn’t have my backup with me)


2 thoughts on “The Night Wharf

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  1. Often thought of photographing this wharf – never thought of a night shot. Like the inclusion of the rocks.

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