Reflections by the Lake

A recent walk down to Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore welcomed me with cool still waters. After shooting for a little while the morning began to warm and the water lost its mirror, but it was beautiful while it lasted!    

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Overgrown Quarry

I revisited an old quarry on the way home this evening. I’m sure I have featured an image of it before, but for the life of me (well, for a fairly quick image search) I can’t find it. Closed a bit over a year ago I think, the quarry has sat unused and fenced off. […]

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The 20km Stroll

What started as a ~1 hour walk out and about, turned into a 20km 5 1/2 hour walk today! Quite enjoyable, but it would have been better if I didn’t only have my jandals (thongs/flip-flops) on. Starting off (entirely on Auckland’s North Shore) in Eskdale Bush, I worked my way to Kaipatiki Bush, and then […]

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Outside the PumpHouse

Back at Lake Pupuke for a walk with the Nex 5N and kit lens, I captured The PumpHouse up a little closer than I have before in a previous post. Once used, unsurprisingly, to pump water to the local suburbs, the PumpHouse is now home to a cafe, and hosts regular stage shows and art […]

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The Door

The weekend has felt a long time coming this week. Luckily, its a long weekend in New Zealand with Labour Day. I had time for a quick walk before dinner after work today, and had a look around the back streets of Takapuna. Armed with my Nex and the kit lens, I took this simple […]

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Surface of the Earth

Been a pretty flat out day and I have run out of time to write much. Snapped this on my GRD IV on the way home today. In post processing I added several selective blur layers in Gimp and cropped to play with the sizing perspective a little. More tomorrow!

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Pink and Blue

Each passing day sees more and more spring blossoms coming out on the trees. Around Auckland’s North Shore has seen a mass of these pretty pink flowers. I have been meaning to stop and capture them for the last week, so took the opportunity today when in Takapuna. Shot on the GDR IV, in gimp […]

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Laze by the Lake

Some weeks go faster then others. This week didn’t particularly feel that way, so come Friday works end I was ready to unwind for the week.  Taking a trip to Lake Pupuke in Takapuna I inadvertently took a wrong turn and came across a walking track I had not seen before. The heavy rain at […]

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Door to Wonderland

I took the Nex and Jupiter-8 for another stroll today, this time around the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna on Auckland North Shore. On the outskirts of the property I came across this awesome wooden carving. With a little imagination, one can dream that this is the entry door to Alice’s Wonderland, or a […]

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Blue Windows in the Sky

I stopped in at Takapuna on the way home from work today for a stroll, Ricoh in hand. It was a beautiful clear blue evening, with the moon already up. The Sentinel, a 30 story apartment building in central Takapuna uses blue tint windows, and I liked the overall blue hue I got in this […]

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