Te Puna-a-Hangurua. Natural Springs

spring 1

Once in a while, going light on your gear leads to missing an image. It is a weigh off I am usually fine with, but on this occasion, it was a real shame I didn’t anticipate the need and carry my polarizing filter! With it, I think the photos really could have at least partially shown the beauty of this spot.

On the west side of Rotorua, we visited the natural springs of Te Puna-a-Hangurua. The main spring (pictured above) is the biggest in New Zealand’s North Island and flows 4,500,00 litres of water each hour, after taking around 70 years to surface!.

spring 2

It really was so beautiful and blue, encouraging one to jump in for a swim – although this is not allowed at the initial exit point. Way back in 1957 they sent two skin divers  down whom recovered 5000 pennies (coin money) dating back to 1860 – the ‘loot’ then donated to children’s charities. There certainly was not 5000 coins there today, but I suspect they clean it out periodically as there was still a fair bit of coinage for people likely tossing one in for good luck.

spring 3

Eventually, after passing through many points of interest and waterfalls, the water exits into the Pacific Ocean.

spring 4

Blossoms in the Rain


With an unusually open afternoon I headed off to Cornwall Park by One Tree Hill in Auckland to take some snaps. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and rain went from spitting to a constant bucket from the sky. In some ways the clouds helped by giving me an even (yet dark) shadow of light. I managed to get a number of shots off before retreating to dryer places.


Sony EVF – OLED Viewfinder ‘Mod’


A while back I decided to do a ‘mod'(I use that term lightly) to my OLED EVF on the Nex. The rest of the camera, and many of the lenses I use are black in colour, and the silver, although perfectly fine and functional, just seemed to stand out to me. For an accessory, its a pricy little piece really, but I much prefer using a VF of some form to the live view screen on the back of cameras.

Practically, it was a fairly straightforward job. Take off, take apart, spray and put back together. My first top coat (pictured below) caught some dust. I smoothed it down and applied another. From any distance other than up at my eye its a good enough finish, and in my opinion, much nicer on the all black camera!


Upper Harbour View

Upper Harbour ViewAnother beautiful Saturday morning. I went for a quick stroll around Auckland’s Upper Harbour area before starting on chores. Battery on 4% (poor planning there) I still managed to get plenty of shots.

Sony Nex with kit 18-55mm


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