Sociology of Buildings

I’ll add a disclaimer to the start of todays post. Its simply an observation and one take on how buildings can be perceived to follow society – not a challenge to anyones beliefs. Looking back in history, within many societies, until the 1900’s most all of the worlds largest buildings were churches. Looking forward from […]

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Over to the North Shore

Looking to the North of Auckland, we can see the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the left of the image. Crossing that, we reach Aucklands North Shore. Prior to the bridge being completed in 1959, the North Shore, although in clear line of sight, was actually a fairly large land journey to reach the Auckland City […]

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City South

Following on from yesterdays image, over the next week I have a few shots to share from a trip up the Sky Tower. Featured in a number of photos I have shown, and being about 15 years since I last went up, I thought it was about time to venture up and capture some of […]

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