2MP in the Rain – Using a 2002 Canon A40


Cleaning out at work for an office move, we happened upon an old Canon Powershot A40. Boxed in pretty mint condition, this little compact was released in 2002. Producing a by now standards, obsolete 2MP at best image quality, this little machine was heading for the rubbish bin.


For those of you who remember shooting with 35mm compact zoom cameras, the A40 is an excellent digital rendition. The grip and reach for the zoom are just right. The rear 1.5″ color screen (with live display!) function well for the vintage, and Canon’s mode select wheel, along with other controls are easy to reach and use.

2mp3Of course with 2MP, your post cropping options are slim! 1600×1200 is the best you get from it. I generally size to 1000 on my images here. That being said, back in 2002 a heck of a lot of people were still printing their images, and generally to the 4″x6″ print, which depending what you are viewing my post on, is likely smaller than the screen you are using.

2mp4The 35-105mm zoom has been the average pretty standard for some time on many standard compacts, and gives both wide enough and enough zoom to capture whats around you.



I think considering what a rotten day it was – overcast, raining, the A40 did a pretty good job for an old piece of kit. I’ll give it another run sometime when summer remembers its on its way.


Its output also reminds me a lot of the standard chemist developed films from the 90’s.


So for now the old A40 is safe from the bin. But more for the novelty value as even all but the cheapest of mobile phones carry more output power, and in much smaller packages that suck a lot less power.

All shots taken around One Tree Hill in Auckland.



Suburban Sheep

Cycling home from work, the same way I typically drive each day, I came across a small paddock of sheep. What surprised me was it is in the middle of suburbia (and land value is at record levels), but also that I’ve never seen it. It really shows how the world can fly by you as you drive here and there, only catching a glimpse of what’s around. On the bicycle, I have more time to take it in.
Today’s image shot on the iPod touch, I used an app photo toaster to adjust colour,crop and add a texture layer. It’s a fun and competent small photo app!

The View

The View


Moving down the hill a little, and toward the North from yesterdays image, I snapped ‘The View’

One Tree Hill is full of quite little spots where one can relax, sit and take in nature, as well as look out towards Auckland. Unless you choose one of the common trails, you will only be bothered by the local sheep and the odd runner (depending on the time of day). On the sheep note – look where you sit – these guys are not shy in fertilising the whole hillside!

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp

Little Sheep Below

Little Sheep below


Moving up past the tree in yesterdays posting, the view down towards the southern side of Cornwall Park starts to show our elevation, with sheep turning into small ant size…sheep.

As mentioned yesterday, One tree Hill is covered in Trees. However, back in the day, it had a big tree on the summit of the hill. Visually recognisable from miles around, the tree was cut down in 1852 by the ‘white settler’ either for fire wood, or as an act of vandalism. Sir Campbell attempted to plant new native trees on the summit (Totara being the preference for its cultural value), but they did not survive, and in the 1870’s two radiata pines were planted and grew. Along came the 1960’s and again one tree was felled (but is ok, there was still one left!). We then reach the 1990’s and the surviving tree was subject to a number of attacks from Maori activists (I won’t go into great detail here, but the activists were making a point about injustices from the past). Sadly (regardless of which side of the fence one sits with the activist points), in 2000, after a second attack, the tree was deemed a danger, and a lost cause recovery wise and was felled.

(more tomorrow)

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp.

Sloping Green

sloping green


Moving a little South of yesterdays image, we are now in part of the active farm/livestock section of Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill. Way back in 1844 Thomas Henry of Ireland purchased the area to farm. It changed hands and management many times since then, even being used for growing potatoes during WW2 under a government emergency regulation.

Todays image ‘Sloping Green’ is one of such areas of active livestock today. At the time of visiting, home to a number of sheep having their early morning snack.

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N with 18-50mm lens and edited in Gimp.

Sheep 2

Even though the days are slowly getting longer, of late it seem like I have less and less time free to go out and shoot some photos…I’ll have to do something about that, but for now, here is an image I took several weeks back on the Sony Nex 5N at Cornwall Park.

Post processing wise, I played with the levels a little and added a slight colour tone to the image.

Sheep are funny animals. The have the ability to be a bit intimidating the way they stare at you breathing heavily. In reality I expect most the time they would think the opposite, breathing heavily, panicking what that human is going to do next. For anyone looking for a ‘sheep movie’ try the New Zealand filmed Black Sheep.

Fingers crossed I can get some images tomorrow!

Portrait of a Sheep

I managed to get out and about to several places with my camera today. First exploring some closed off cliff tracks, and then off to Cornwall Park for a around the base walk. Cornwall is full of cows and sheep (mostly sheep) and today’s image was of one sheep who came up to me to see what I was doing.

Shot on my Sony Nex with my recently received Sigma 2.8 30 Lens (50mm equivalent), I am more than happy with the quality this lens produces, especially when you consider it is about the cheapest lens built for the Nex at this point in time (not counting the plastic holga’s and lenses with adaptors). The focal length is great and the overall size, although bigger then the 16mm prime, is still nice and compact.

I also captured some interesting shots of a graffiti covered area on my closed off (fenced off to the public) walk, but will save them for a less active day.

Baaa for now.

Sheep in the Park

Today we took a trip through the Shakespear Regional Park, ~40min north of Auckland. Mid morning the sheep were already up and busy eating the hills of grass. With Ricoh in hand, and its 28mm lens, I got as close as I could to the sheep before they started to run away. I love the wide angle of the Ricoh, but its not always easy getting up and close to things like sheep who chew, stare then run. Just visible in the background is Rangitoto Island – Also in last months ‘Friday Unwind’, what makes Rangitoto interesting is that is essentially the same shape from anywhere on the mainland. Ill post an image of that sometime in the future. I also took a long wander along the Gulf Harbour Marina and got a few snaps I will likely share in the next few days also.

Taken on the GRD IV, in bleach mode, cropped in post with Gimp and black surround added.

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