They Tell Me its Progress

Progress they say

Been a while since I have posted anything regular here. As it often does, life keeps us busy and things fall to the side. For me the busyness has been a bit of a break from photography in general. Neither a good or bad thing, just a thing. Todays shot was taken during a ’round a lake’ walk a month or so ago. Walking past a new zone of expansion as urban sprawl continues, the land was being carved into the suburbs of tomorrow.

Shot on the Ricoh GRD IV, converted to B&W with HDR effects added.

Silo Vintage Market and Car Meet



Armed with my Ricoh GRD, We had a quick look around the Silo Vintage Market and Classic Car meet this afternoon. Lots of retro themed stores, classic music, tons of people in vintage attire, and some old cars. A nice little visit.

Here are some more snaps from my walkabout

R0113140 R0113141 R0113142 R0113146 R0113148 R0113150 R0113153 R0113155 R0113158 R0113162 R0113164 R0113166 R0113172

Hot Sun, Beach Weather

MB1A beautiful hot and sunny day in Auckland, We dropped all chores and headed off to the beach (truth be told, we finished all chores…). The last few times I have been to the beach recently the tide has been low. We choose beaches where that does not matter too much, but I always enjoy full tide more – today was pretty close to it!. Also, the beach was blessed with west coast like surf waves (not that todays images show) on their own holiday on our east coast. A bit of body surfing and wave jumping is always fun.

Drying off I grabbed the Ricoh GRD IV and walked to one end of the beach and back. As shown in images below. That guy setting up his tent must have absolutely cooked inside once done! – wont get sun burnt at least!



Good Morning 2014!

Jan1-12014 is here!

Starting the new year, I went for a walk around my local park trail. The forecast was thunderstorms for the afternoon, so I took in some fresh forest smells before the ground turned to mush.

A calm, still and beautiful morning. Aside from the odd walker I passed in the opposite direction, it was me, the trees and the singing birds. Nice.

Jan1-2 Jan1-3 Jan1-4 Jan1-5 Jan1-6 Jan1-7 Jan1-8All images shot in the Ricoh GRD IV and edited in The GIMP.

7104 To Town

7104 to TownAnother shot from my visit to New Market yesterday as one of the trains rushed by heading to town.

Updated the computer (Mac) to 10.9 yesterday and just had a bit of an issue with some of the actions using Gimp. Being I use it daily, it seems too much of a coincidence that it happened the day after my upgrade. I’ll pay around some more in the weekend and see if there are any known issues and solutions.

So for today, shot on the GRD IV and edited 50/50 in Gimp/CS5


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