Ricoh GRD IV

Not my only, but by far my most used and favourite workhorse of my camera bunch is my Ricoh GRD IV. Ive written about it before in passing, so forgive me for repeating or rehashing anything. Now superseded by the similar looking, but very different beast the ‘GR’, the GRD IV, in my opinion, is […]

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Guava Muffins

  I was pleased to see a small guava tree when we purchased our house. Its a berry I dont see around much, and I have memories of guava jam/jelly around at relatives when I was young. Searching around the net, I found this tasty sounding recipe from G&H: Ingredients 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour […]

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From the Dark, Into the light

  Taking a quick walk after work, onto an upper track from a walk I did almost year ago, I set the Ricoh to high contrast B&W – determined to get a few shots I liked using this setting. Its been very overcast these last few days, with bad weather around the country, & the […]

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