The Meet

I’ve attended a few car related events of late. So many nice classics out there…so much time and money too! Here are some ‘Paper Camera’ edited ones from a meet up over the weekend.

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The Quiet Lunchroom

A quick mobile post from work for today as I’m off out later on. Shot whilst playing around with Papercam on Android, I caught the shadow of a figure in the background, which tied in well with the magazine I was flicking through. Friday afternoons are often filled with staff meetings, which is either a […]

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The Dinner

Some terrible weather had here today. I had intended to head out with the GR1 and get some film shots in town, but heavy rain and wind prevented a successful outing. The day otherwise filled up with catching up with friends, I played around a little more with Paper Camera on my Samsung Galaxy s2 […]

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Whilst looking for some android workplace tools for work today, I came across a review for a camera app called Paper Camera. Intrigued by the description, and always interested in different camera apps I jumped all in and downloaded the pay version. I’m aware for some photographers out there, anything other than the RAW image […]

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