York Street Mechanics

York Street MechanicsOut to lunch with friends for my birthday today. Location – York Street Mechanics. An enjoyable (especially for motorbike fans) Cafe/Restaurant located in New Market, on the fringe of Auckland’s CBD. As in todays image – inside is all setup with some beautiful classics of various eras  (and also offers mechanical services!).

Shot on the GRD IV and edited in Gimp.


The Motorbike -in film-

My beautiful picture

As mentioned yesterday, I finished and developed my roll of Kentmere 400asa film in the Ricoh TLS. Today’s shot is a close up of my bike I shot whilst waiting to go out on the Saturday.

Its sometimes hard to show as my film scanner is nothing flash, and I don’t have the right lens on any of my digitals to shoot film, but I was very impressed with the Kentmere 400. I have loaded another roll into my GR1 to shoot in the next week or so.

As we wind into another week I am slowly winding down, ready for a Christmas break for a few weeks. Christmas is a funny one – its traditionally a time to rest, reflect on the year and the year ahead. Its also busy (sometimes very busy) and at times stressful. I already have plans for a dozen extra projects, but think I will need to put things in perspective and acknowledge its just two weeks!

But until Friday afternoon, its business as usual!

Fenced In

Locked under cover, behind a fence, my motorbike sits and waits for sunny days. I enjoy riding around, but winter, be it the frosty mornings, or wet rainy days takes away from some of the excitement and its much easier to hop into a dry heated car!  Shooting in B&W and adding a vignette in post, I wanted to create the feeling of the bike having no where to go, and just sitting ‘for an age’. Taken on the Ricoh GRD IV. For those interested, the bike is a 75 CB200.

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