Cycling in the Rain

Rain cycleA day off with a friend visiting from overseas. We and cold we hopped on our bicycles and cycled  the ‘Auckland circuit’. Starting in Takapuna on the North Shore we headed North to the Greenhithe Bridge. Over the bridge (where todays image was shot on mobile) and out to West Auckland. Back along the west, we headed into the CBD – pumping up a small puncture (showing our lack of repair kit) along the way. Heading through the city, we caught the ferry and ended in Devonport again on the North Shore. Somewhere around a 50km journey, wet cold and ready for dinner.


Snowflakes Come Down

Snow FlakesA shot from the archives today. Ohakune Ski Field.

Shot on my old Samsung Galaxy 3, I recall we were getting a bite to eat after I had managed to tumble ski my first time down the mountain. As we sat the clouds came in and the snow began falling. Some ran inside for shelter, the rest of us donned our hoods and continued on with what we were doing.

I still remember my first time in the snow – well into my teens, it was somewhere we never when whilst I was a child. The soft crunch under my feet was somehow very familiar.

I’ve still only been a good handful of times, which is a shame being its a half day trip in the car to get to. I guess one of the problems is finding reasonably priced accommodation thats not miles away from the ski fields.

Still, last season was my first go at skis…next time I will try a snowboard – possibly a more skateboard familiar option!


Nga Toki Mate Whenua

painting 2Between bad weather an coming down with another bug, just a quick post today from a recent visit to the Auckland Art Gallery.

Nga Toki Mate Whenua – Axes Felling Trees, Kill the Land
Tony Fomison (1939-1990)

“I became attracted to Maori culture because here was this culture produced in the country – an oral culture based on the love of the land, and love of the old and the young ones. In other words, a past, present and future.”

The Flintstones Mobile

The Flintstones


Spotted in a playground, this wagon will either be very familiar, or not familiar at all to some of you out there. A creative remake of Fred Flintstones car, brought back childhood memories for me. To be fair, I was not around for the original 1960’s screenings of this pre Simpsons family, but TV here in NZ re-ran everything for many, many years. I expect it is still on one channel somewhere here.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 using the Vignette App. Post B&W conversion in Gimp.

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