Three Shots of Nature

FFL Tree


I have not gone looking for any statistics, but was thinking today that we have more prime/fixed lens photos being made than ever before in history.

Back in the early days of photography, everything was prime lens. Early 1900’s saw the zoom gradually introduce itself, and work into mainstream from the 50’s to current day. In general (but not always) the prime lens has offered superior optics and faster lenses – yet the usability and all-rounded-ness of the zoom makes it the amazing all in one package!

Yet, with the massive growth of smartphones this last decade, we have seen again the popularised mass use of the prime lens. I don’t think this is so much to do with supplying a quality prime lens matched to the sensor as it is technology limitations. Likely its only time until this changes and the zoom again regains the crown, but for now the prime is here, and possibly making individuals better photographers whilst its at it!

I say better because a fixed focal length makes you think. You need to move with you feet for the better angle or closer/wider shot. That makes you (ok, it ‘could’ make one) think more about your framing of composition.

I could go on, but perhaps another day…

Todays images shot on the Sony Nex with 50mm Jupiter-8 Lens (which makes it 75mm).

FFL Bamboo FFL Flower


Approaching the Match – with different processing

Before the MatchIm lucky enough to live next to a nice sized park and bush walk. The above image being one I have shown at some angle or another int he past. As with all parks, often various social and club games are played. Here its generally Football/Soccer in one season and Cricket in the other. At the moment, cricket.

The Match 2Armed with my Sony Nex and Jupiter 8, I grabbed several shots whilst out for a small walk. After arriving home, I processed the three all a little differently. For the head image in B&W I pushed it quite hard to get some heavy light contrasts. The second image, just above had a minor yellow tone applied to give a slightly dryer look than the rain all night may suggest. For the final image below, I didnt really do anything other than a slight straightening before framing and resizing.

The MatchCatch you tomorrow!




A visit to Western Springs

River by springsTackling the on and off rain/sun this time of year often brings, we took a visit to Western Springs (once known as Waiorea prior to European settlement). A place I have posted about some time ago.

Summer well and truly here, there was a nice mix of water fowl, from small babies, to ‘teenagers’ and adults. Armed with some bread, we took a stroll around the lake/springs and I took a few snaps on my Sony Nex and old Jupiter 8 lens.

Breaking my usual posting mold, I thought I share the series I took on todays visit.

baby firstGeese were out on Mass!

baby2And very cute!

Baby3Not to mention keen for more food.

babiesSome great scenery 

over the springs

Trees at the springs trees2 at springsDucks

duck1 duck2Located right next to the Auckland Zoo and Motat, its a great place to visit for a picnic, walk or run.

resting in the grassI’ll have to go out and take some more photos for tomorrow now!










A little Cat WaitsOlly the cat.

Another weekend come and gone. This one being exciting as I added a new drill to the workshop, and won an auction for an old Olympus Mju 1 pocket camera. Im sure I wrote about my last Mju 1 earlier in the year when it had an ill fated early death by way of hit and run bumper car. One popped up on our local auction site and being the sole bidder I took it away. I have a few films on the go in various cameras at the moment, so will wait a little while to give it a maiden run.


The Dark Path Ahead

Track into the Dark

You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.
A. A. Milne

Shot on the Sony Nex 5N with Jupiter-8 lens.

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