Ricoh GRD IV

Not my only, but by far my most used and favourite workhorse of my camera bunch is my Ricoh GRD IV. Ive written about it before in passing, so forgive me for repeating or rehashing anything. Now superseded by the similar looking, but very different beast the ‘GR’, the GRD IV, in my opinion, is […]

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Oakura Beach

Just to the left of yesterdays image (about 15km down the road actually) lies the seaside surf escape of Oakura Beach. Easter weekend in New Plymouth happened to also have a VW club meet on, so it was quite cool to see a good handful of well kept and restored Kombi van’s parked up along […]

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NZ from the Sky

Returning from our holiday in New Plymouth yesterday afternoon, it was a beautiful, mostly clear day right up the North Island (soon to be given the dual title Te Ika a Maui). As with all of my recent holidays, I went along with my Ricoh GRD IV. I almost took the Sony Nex this time, […]

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Sun Beats Down

Finally a stroll after work! – its been a very busy few weeks, with a lot on both in and out of work. However, today I managed to head out for a little walk by the motorway. Its been another hot day, with a large percentage of the country now in, or close to drought. […]

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Upon the Tree

A big long day – Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Today’s image is of one of the tree-top Angels from the family home tree. Still the same old tree I had when young! In keeping it short for the day, image was shot on the Ricoh GRD IV and edited in Photoshop CS5. Its been quite […]

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Smiths Bush

As spring slowly approaches the days are starting to lengthen out again. This still does not leave much light when I finish work, but left enough today for me to take a brisk walk around Smiths Bush in Northcote on Auckland’s North Shore. It must have been about 5 years, possibly more, since I last […]

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