A visit to Western Springs

River by springsTackling the on and off rain/sun this time of year often brings, we took a visit to Western Springs (once known as Waiorea prior to European settlement). A place I have posted about some time ago.

Summer well and truly here, there was a nice mix of water fowl, from small babies, to ‘teenagers’ and adults. Armed with some bread, we took a stroll around the lake/springs and I took a few snaps on my Sony Nex and old Jupiter 8 lens.

Breaking my usual posting mold, I thought I share the series I took on todays visit.

baby firstGeese were out on Mass!

baby2And very cute!

Baby3Not to mention keen for more food.

babiesSome great scenery 

over the springs

Trees at the springs trees2 at springsDucks

duck1 duck2Located right next to the Auckland Zoo and Motat, its a great place to visit for a picnic, walk or run.

resting in the grassI’ll have to go out and take some more photos for tomorrow now!









Western Springs Wildlife

Western Springs

A bit of a wildlife shot from my recent visit to Western Springs. After feeding the mother swan some chips and making it semi-comfortable with me around its cygnets, I got down to their level and snapped off a few shots. In this particular one I also captured some greedy gulls coming in for a landing also.

In Gimp I added a custom version of the National Geographic plug-in filter, cropped, resized and added the top/bottom bars.

Up the River

Up the River

Prior to visiting Motat with work on Friday, I had some lunch at Western Springs – the large freshwater springs next to the venue. Once upon a time Western Springs was the primary water source for much of Auckland (Like the Pumphouse on the North Shore I have written about). Now days it makes a popular place for a walk, run or to have a picnic and feed the ducks.

Surrounding part of the springs is a little river where the water flows. Armed with my Sony Nex 5N and 210mm lens I got as central to and low as I could and shot into the distance.

In post processing using Gimp I slightly cropped and straightened, added a cross-processed filter, pushed the contrast a notch and desaturated by several points.

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