On the Hill

A lazy view relaxing in the long grass and sun from Mt Victoria on Aucklands North Shore. From here (if you look the right way) you can see the CBD, the Harbour Bridge and out towards West Auckland. A quick scamper over the crest and the rest of the North Shore, and local islands off […]

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One of my last Motat images I will post up for now I think – NZ4115. Outside the main hanger where a large number of restored planes sit, is the outside storage yard. Here sit a number of planes awaiting restoration, and until then, gradually weather away. Built in the 30’s, the Short S.25 Sunderland […]

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Wet Path Home

What started out as a clear sunny day, turned into a heavily wet day by works end today. I had planned to have a stroll around some of the light industry areas, but was not prepared for the thick downpours the sky offered. Driving home I wanted to capture the weather a little. Using my […]

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Changeable Weather

We really had a day of changeable weather today in Auckland. One moment I was in warm sun, the next heavy rain. Looking out of my office window, out into the mix of suburbia and small industry, I shot today’s image on my Ricoh GRD IV. In post processing I resized, selected the clouds, pushed […]

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