Long Drive In

LDI1Life has been busy.

Photography has been sitting on the back burner as jobs need to be done both at home, and intensity at work increases.

Aside from a long day at work, it was a refreshing brake to head down to the Waikato again yesterday. Heading out at 6am, beating the sun to clock in, it was another typical fresh and beautiful sunrise that the Waikato region so often offers.

LDI2Traffic at this time of the morning is typically light. One is not alone on the roads, but still granted enough sightseeing room to enjoy rather than regret the journey.


I snap away as I coast along. Arm outstretched to windows either side of the car. If only I had time to stop at every picturesque rolling hill and vast green field.

Maybe next time…

I’ll try not to be so long before posting again this time!



Its All Golden

Its All Golden

From the same ‘reel’ and almost the same shot as posted about a month ago. I just love the light that foggy morning had.

Alongside the Waikato


Work necessitated my travel south from Auckland to Hamilton City today. With a bit of a sore back, I took a few mini stops in the ~150km journey. What has since turned into a wet and forecast windy evening, was a beautiful golden morning.

I was shooting with a borrowed, semi broken Samsung NX10. The main LCD has cracked and does not function, but the ovf still works. Linked with my old Ricoh 50mm lens, it looks like a really nice kit – I only wish the ovf was a little larger, or offered some form of manual lens assistance like my Nex does. Still, some ok images from an otherwise potentially binned mirrorless camera.

waikator1 waikator2

Without Focus

without focus 1On occasion I like to take out of focus images. I think what I like is the ‘focus’ on shape and colour as opposed to detail. Todays two images were shot in Hamilton aside the Waikato River.

without focus 2


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