The View

The View


Moving down the hill a little, and toward the North from yesterdays image, I snapped ‘The View’

One Tree Hill is full of quite little spots where one can relax, sit and take in nature, as well as look out towards Auckland. Unless you choose one of the common trails, you will only be bothered by the local sheep and the odd runner (depending on the time of day). On the sheep note – look where you sit – these guys are not shy in fertilising the whole hillside!

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp

Once was One Tree Hill

Once was One Tree


So todays image is what One Tree Hill now looks like (minus the one tree!). There have been a number of illegal replantings of trees on the summit, removed by the local council. It is said that when Treaty claims are finalised, or when local council and Iwi (loosely the Maori group of the area) come to an agreement, we may once again see a tree on the summit.

For now however, we still have the tall obelisk where Sir Campbell is buried.

Although I didn’t grab any shots from the summit on this visit, the view is spectacular from the top. 360 degree all around Auckland!

Shot on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp.

Mt Eden and the City

Finishing work in town this evening, with traffic on the motorways already banked up, I took a quick trip to see the view from Mt Eden. As I may have mentioned before, Auckland is surrounded by volcanic cones (around 50 volcanic cones) – Mt Eden’s being in the foreground of this image. Although popular for children to go rolling down several decades ago, Mt Eden has both archaeological importance and local Maori sacredness brought to the public’s awareness in recent years and the crater itself is technically a no-go zone. Behind the crater we can see a view of Aucklands CBD, and behind that, the North Shore and western suburbs.

Editing wise, using Gimp, I added a vignette, adjusted the levels and applied a ‘film grain’ filter.

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