The last Ko Lanta Sunset

Final Lanta Sunsat

Our last night in Ko Lanta, we arrived early and got some good viewing seats at the corner of the resort. It was claimed to be one of the best spots to see a sunset in all of Ko Lanta. We had been previous nights, but unfortunately the weather had not been in our favour. Today still had a low set of clouds as the sun edged towards the sea, but the sky colours afterwards were certainly beautiful.


It was our last proper sunset for Thailand actually. in 24 hours time we would already be flying away from our holiday!



I love the colour the sky became as all around fell to night. Isn’t nature just awesome!


Final Days Ko Lanta


As with all holidays, they come to an end. I’ve got a few selections left to share over the coming days, bit as I look over my holiday snaps, the bottom of the pile is looming.

Not one for just sitting and basking in the sun, I went for numerous walking outings whilst we stayed at Ko Lanta. Here are some shots from the second to last day we stayed on the island.


“No Parking On Uneven Days” – surely that causes confusion at times?

Petrol and Coal


In Ko Lanta, you have the choice of petrol from your general gas station (as above), or…


By the bottle is slightly cheaper! (and you get a bottle!!!)

There is also a local movement to stop the development of a coal power plant back in Krabi – places like Koh Lanta and their marine reserves in the transporting way. Its a tough one for a country both so dependent on tourism, but equally, with massive power demands (and outages). Unfortunately, we all say ‘not in my backyard’…but who’s, or what alternatives?

No Coal-Lanta

A few facebook links regarding the protest:

Welcome Ko Lanta

Koh Lanta

After a ~2 hour boat trip we landed in the sunny (really really hot) Ko Lanta. Spending the rest of the day at the hotel area, it was like its own little village (much larger than our other temporary homes). An interesting observation (perhaps) also that it was the most English-western of all stops in Thailand based on both things like the music at the resort, and the general accent of the tourist staying there.

Koh Lanta 2

Koh Lanta 1

Farewell Phi Phi

Farewell Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island was the most ‘island scenic’ of our time in Thailand, but all good things have to end some time (especially when its a holiday and you need money to continue on!). Here’s a series of final shots for now from Phi Phi. Tomorrow its the final destination of Thailand.







Watch the Signs

Watch the Signs

(first image shot on the other side of main Phi Phi tourist village)

One thing I love about visiting other countries (or sometimes locally) is seeing notices and signs that are from another language base, translated into English. Now I’m by no means making fun of the translators (I cant translate into any other language and have fun at times with English!), but sometimes signs make no sense, little sense, or are just unfortunate in their wording. Walking to the main tourist village area of Phi Phi one day, I could not help but notice a number of signs aimed towards the likely drinking tourist. Ultimately they make perfect sense…I’m just not used to such sense being posted on a sign…

Watch the Signs1

Watch the Signs2

Perhaps its me, but I was pretty aware of these two warnings.

Tomorrow might just wrap up Koh Phi Phi and move us onto the final destination of the holiday. Back home in New Zealand, its dark, cool and raining. Quite the opposite to my time in the photos above.


View Point

View point1

A new morning had me heading up to a spot I had seen the previous day when venturing outside camp – View Point. Unsurprisingly, I later learnt that view point is just a generic term used on the island for various walks that led to a  view. I’ll always remember this one as View Point however. So, heading off after a large buffet breakfast, sweating at the beginning of the climb in the hot and humid climate I entered the walk.

view point2

At the bottom, just to the right of the main photo was this open plan building. The sign ‘cheep’ suggested perhaps some backpackers use it for evening camp – but being at the beginning of the bush and open plan, Im not sure I would survive the mosquitoes!

view point3

Clearly some KISS fans from days gone by also (note trash under rotting leaves).

view point4

Almost immediately the track started a fairly steep, long and uneven climb. I could see why the sign said not to go after 6pm – loose rocks, tree roots and at times hard to see track would quite easily get someone lost or injured. As I ventured up, I was soon to see how I too has misjudged the simple lookout point walk.

View point5

Entering the bush area the humidity and temperature grew (also it was warming up from the previous night). Full on breakfast, I had failed to pack any water. Back home a 40min walk is quite manageable. The temperature and constant climb were taking their toll. I was loosing a lot of fluids, and then was hit by a wave of dizziness, sight and hearing diminishing. Now, Ive never passed out in my life, but I can only assume that was what was about to happen. I sat down on a rock, put my head between my legs and waited. That water would have been quite good right now! Sitting and waiting all you can do is think. I had no water, no communication device (just my camera!) and was in no fit state to try and head down the steep and uneven terrain back to people. Reflecting on it now, I was foolish not taking water, and Im still amazed how quickly this track took it out of me.

I don’t know how long I waited, but I eventually felt like I could stand again. I didn’t want to be beaten by this 40min View Point. Rather than head back like sensibility would do, I pushed on ahead (now taking mini breaks). Shouldn’t be too far to the top!

view point 5

An it wasn’t!

View point 6

Its always hard to judge height when you are on a track. What looks like the top of a hill often is not. You scale one mound, only to be confronted by another. I wasn’t sure how high I was at this point. The trees had thinned out. The view was fairly good. The sun was scorching out of the shade of the trees! The sign ’10 min’s’ wedged in a tree indicated I was nearing the top. I had to make it now and pressed ahead.

View point6

view point7

And there it was!, View Point! Half obscured by the ever growing trees, what I could see was nice.

After viewing, resting, resting and some more resting, I began my descent back to ‘home’. Along the way (both there and back) I could hear the sounds of birds and monkeys (except for that bad part climbing up). I spotted this little one on the way down:

View point8

(can you spot it?)

Reaching the bottom, the first task was locating the nearest place that sold refreshments. I must have looked terrible when they served me! Next step was go for a cooling swim, and then a little nap.

More tomorrow!

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