Long Drive In

LDI1Life has been busy.

Photography has been sitting on the back burner as jobs need to be done both at home, and intensity at work increases.

Aside from a long day at work, it was a refreshing brake to head down to the Waikato again yesterday. Heading out at 6am, beating the sun to clock in, it was another typical fresh and beautiful sunrise that the Waikato region so often offers.

LDI2Traffic at this time of the morning is typically light. One is not alone on the roads, but still granted enough sightseeing room to enjoy rather than regret the journey.


I snap away as I coast along. Arm outstretched to windows either side of the car. If only I had time to stop at every picturesque rolling hill and vast green field.

Maybe next time…

I’ll try not to be so long before posting again this time!



Its All Golden

Its All Golden

From the same ‘reel’ and almost the same shot as posted about a month ago. I just love the light that foggy morning had.

Early Market Journey


An early (for a Sunday) 7am journey took us 160km south to the Cambridge street market. The journey down, as usual, was very scenic with a foggy start, and clearing to  beautiful fresh morning.

market2 market4 markey3

Beginning of the Return Home


Our last day in Thailand was a long one. I forget exactly, but wakeup was something like 4.30 am to begin our escort from Ko Lanta to Phuket (and then from there to Bangkok to Australia to New Zealand). Our driver was a great host and put on some mostly English western music. The one issue being, it was a 3 hour van ride, and the music was no more than 40min long per repeat. Crossing over on a car ferry off Lanta we watched a glistening sunrise as our time away took its final leg.

Up in the plane it was a fairly clear day. I didnt have the window seat, and my 28mm lens is less than idea for capturing the awesome view down below, but I still captured a few images I am happy with:


Red Sky Morning

Red Sky MorningThe old phrase ‘red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ (or sailors depending on your upbringing and geographical location) appears to be ringing true today as I await the cyclone that is Lusi on its way to New Zealand.

We have been told to cancel upcoming weekend activities outdoors, prepare for a king tide, massive coastal weather, possible flooding, high winds and power cuts. Its always so surreal when a large storm approaches. The air changes. Things go still. Most animals seem to know something is coming.

I enjoy weather extremes. Within limits. All going well, I will try to get out in some of it and take in the amazing power that is mother nature. Going not so well, I’ll stay inside.

As I write the breeze is mellow. News reports its already picking up at the top of the country, so its just a small wait now…


Golden Sun Rises

Golden Sunrise
An early start to get supplies for the week took me past Auckland’s Lake Pupuke. Standing on the eastern side, the sun was just entering the sky for another glorious day.
To take his chorus line, I found Lou Reed’s lyrics floating in my mind as I walked along the lake side:
Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spend it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on

More tomorrow

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