2014 Approaches

So we have reached the end of another year. New Years Eve is a time of great celebration. A time of reflection. A time to make new resolutions and commitments. And for others, just another day. Thanks to all of you who drop in every now and then to look and read mikehawkey.com. The year, […]

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Here Comes Summer!

Labour Day here in New Zealand today – a national public holiday! After mixed weather forecasts, we had an overall fine, sunny and hot weekend. A signal summer is on the way! I mentioned the other day having issues with Gimp since updating to OSX 10.9. I since confirmed an identical issue on my laptop, […]

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In a meeting at work today we discussed the growing lack of vitamin D that is spreading around various cultures of the world. With things like skin cancer etc being well published and awareness’ raised, there is a growing population who are now not getting enough sun. In NZ/Australia, around 1/3 of the population are now lacking in ‘D’. With […]

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Sun Beats Down

Finally a stroll after work! – its been a very busy few weeks, with a lot on both in and out of work. However, today I managed to head out for a little walk by the motorway. Its been another hot day, with a large percentage of the country now in, or close to drought. […]

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The Chain Fence

It must have almost been a week since I picked up my Sony Nex, and many many months since I last used my Industar 61 (generally I would grab the Jupiter-8 for a manual 50).So, I headed out with this combination and my Ricoh GR1 (to finish the film in it) for a several hour […]

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The Beach (part II)

As always, Mondays a busy day, so here is another shot from yesterdays outing. It really highlights the distance of the raft from the beach at high tide. I have memories visiting the beach as a young one and the journey it took to swim out to the raft, well above ones head height deep. […]

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The Beach

Another beautiful day weather wise in Auckland – bordering on hot. Todays shot is taken from North Head on the North Shore, looking north up Cheltnham beach towards Takapuna. A good number of people were out in the water, possibly experiencing the first swim of summer. We passed groups and couples relaxing on the hill […]

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