Auckland Botanic Gardens (part1)

A beautiful hot day took us to the Auckland Botanic Gardens for a walk today. 64-hectare’s and home to over 10,000 plants, we only scratched the surface with todays visit. Although its been around in some form since the 1960’s (I think), I had never been before, from memory. Beautifully set and maintained, the crowds in […]

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The busy Pollinator

Ive been reading a little about bees and their rapid decline in recent years. Some blame global warming, others natural viruses and bugs, many also blame the various insecticides we are using on our mass producing crops around the world. I probably lean towards the later after reading a number of books about the various […]

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The Plant by the House

Things have been busy this last month or so. More and more have I found that I have had limited time to add written text to my images, or thoughts and reflections loosely relating to them. The limited free time will pass as we come out the other side of some big changes at work, […]

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Welcoming the New Year

After limited sleep following the midnight welcoming of 2013, today welcomed a hot sunny and beautiful day to Auckland. With many of the shops closed for the public holiday (sadly not all for the retail and essentials workers) masses went to the beaches for a near perfect midday high tide. Being New Zealand’s largest city, […]

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Birthdays and Handball

Another quick ‘on the run’ photo day. Some kids chalk, a ball and group of friends resulted in a round of Kiwi rules handball 4 square. – remembering our younger days! Image shot on samsung galaxy s2 and shot using vignette.

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I’m pretty sure ‘Oi!’ was the seagulls statement at me as I snapped him in this photo the other day in town. Summer is sure on its way in Auckland these last few days – of course having faulty air-conditioning at work, taking us to 28+ degrees helps, as does running around in level 2’s […]

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