Blossoms in the Rain


With an unusually open afternoon I headed off to Cornwall Park by One Tree Hill in Auckland to take some snaps. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and rain went from spitting to a constant bucket from the sky. In some ways the clouds helped by giving me an even (yet dark) shadow of light. I managed to get a number of shots off before retreating to dryer places.


The Plant by the House

The Plant by the HouseThings have been busy this last month or so. More and more have I found that I have had limited time to add written text to my images, or thoughts and reflections loosely relating to them. The limited free time will pass as we come out the other side of some big changes at work, but it has been a bit of a push managing to post each day.

Aside from a bit of a weather bomb approaching this week, New Zealand is well and truly coming into Spring and fast approaching summer. The deciduous trees around my property (which seem like an oddly large amount since I have strong childhood memories of all the evergreens in Auckland) are sprouting new fresh green leaves, and the newly plotted vege garden is showing signs of life with seeds sprouting around the seedlings I planted.

As with last year, at the end of this month I will be taking part in the Auckland half marathon. Also as with last year, my training has not managed to kick in yet… I guess at the very least I will have a measure on my natural fitness again (and if I dont make it, I will know thats dropped to unacceptable levels!)

Well look at that. Three paragraphs. My time must be freeing up already!


The Ride Home

With a half marathon coming up soon I decided it was time to get back moving in prep and took the bicycle out to work.
What I always find interesting in Auckland is the small time difference bike vs car is on local rush hour commutes. Sure it takes a little longer, but not to the degree that I need to leave earlier at all.
On top of that,I’m getting some much needed exercise in.

As a side note, I’ve started using an iPod touch for my ‘mobile shots’. With my galaxy s2 going to the other half, I’ve stepped back from the smartphone world (must be two or more months now), but like a small device for apps and photos still. So far I’m finding it great.

Spring in the Garden


A mobile press on the run today as I am out and about on birthday surprises. Before leaving home I noticed a few of the tulip bulbs I planted in winter have finally come up, and more are following.
I went to the Auckland Art Gallery this afternoon and took some shots on the nex I will likley share tomorrow.
Thatd all for today as a 2″ keypad is not my best idea of fun to type on.

The Field of Onion Weed

A quick stroll on the way home across the ‘river’ (not sure if it is natural or not) by the Lake House Art Centre I went to a while ago took me along a field near the motorway, and covered in onion weed. I had tried to get there on my last visit, but it was so boggy (as in more than what I often tackle) I had to wait for a drier day.

It was still too wet to sit down, but the onion weed field really brought a nice sense of spring to the otherwise cloudy and windy afternoon. Getting down into the grass I snapped off a few shots on the Sony, and chose the above for today’s shot.

In Gimp, I played a little with levels, contrast and cloned out a tall building from nearby Takapuna.

I also managed to finish the film in my Ricoh TLS SLR camera and develop it tonight. A quick look before going into the drying cupboard suggest I should have a nice shot or two I can share, so watch this space!

Spring is Near

Last night we had a massive storm with thunder and lightening that seemed never ending. I woke this morning to a clear blue sky, and what turned out to be a reasonably warm day. One can definitely tell spring is on its way.

I had hoped to shoot a roll of film on my little Olympus Mju 1 today, and did get 5 shots off before it was dropped and run over by a dodgem. Alas it did not survive the incident and I’m left mourning this fantastic compact cameras passing. I have transferred the film into my Ricoh  R10, so hopefully those last 5 images can be saved at least.

Today’s image was snapped several days ago on my GRD IV in bleach mode. Resized in Gimp, otherwise untouched, it was the perfect mourning and spring is on its way image for the day!

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