The Blind Computer

The Blind ComputerHe sits there, whirring, hard drive ticking away.
Powers running, fans are on, but somethings gone astray.
His face is missing, broken now, never to be fixed.
The mind is willing, body gone, time to rest me thinks.

Cycling in the Rain

Rain cycleA day off with a friend visiting from overseas. We and cold we hopped on our bicycles and cycled  the ‘Auckland circuit’. Starting in Takapuna on the North Shore we headed North to the Greenhithe Bridge. Over the bridge (where todays image was shot on mobile) and out to West Auckland. Back along the west, we headed into the CBD – pumping up a small puncture (showing our lack of repair kit) along the way. Heading through the city, we caught the ferry and ended in Devonport again on the North Shore. Somewhere around a 50km journey, wet cold and ready for dinner.


Nga Toki Mate Whenua

painting 2Between bad weather an coming down with another bug, just a quick post today from a recent visit to the Auckland Art Gallery.

Nga Toki Mate Whenua – Axes Felling Trees, Kill the Land
Tony Fomison (1939-1990)

“I became attracted to Maori culture because here was this culture produced in the country – an oral culture based on the love of the land, and love of the old and the young ones. In other words, a past, present and future.”

The Flintstones Mobile

The Flintstones


Spotted in a playground, this wagon will either be very familiar, or not familiar at all to some of you out there. A creative remake of Fred Flintstones car, brought back childhood memories for me. To be fair, I was not around for the original 1960’s screenings of this pre Simpsons family, but TV here in NZ re-ran everything for many, many years. I expect it is still on one channel somewhere here.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 using the Vignette App. Post B&W conversion in Gimp.

Autumn Colours


A lot of my local area is covered in evergreens. Great from one perspectice, but missing out on the beautiful colours the trees get as their leaves slowly crisp up and fall to the ground.

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy s2  and edited in Afterfocus,I applied some filter effects to bring out the autumn feel.

Related to this,I caught the tail end of a tech news report on tv today discussing how the world press society were in argument about different post take filter effects were changing the meaning of images, and therefore are questionable in their reporting quality.

No doubt editing has evolved, and done in specific ways creates a different story or meaning. But then reporting is also told from a specific perspective also, and may always look diffetent depending on ones position in the story.

Even the old great photographers edited their film work to alter the story being told.

For me, I like to work with a mix. Sometimes editing, sometimes not.

Welcome New Home

HelloContinuing on from yesterdays image, our new home. Between unpacking boxes, trying to sort internet, tv, and finding things, also comes the ideas of what one can do in ones new home.

The weather has just started to pack in a little as Winter slowly approaches, so garden work might be on the back burner for a while. I’m excited to now have a garage come workshop! – something I had growing up, but lost when I went flatting.

As with yesterday, shot on the Galaxy S2 using Vignette and text added in CS5.


Molly the Cat

Molly the CatFor a few days at the house we have a special guest, Molly the Cat. Molly is staying with us in preparation for a big move to Hamilton in the weekend.

Being another hot day, I felt a bit like Molly when I arrived home – hot, tired and not really up to heading out to take any shots…so out came the mobile and there was my model.

Shot using the factory camera app and edited in Afterfocus, I then opened it with Gimp and quickly covered some of the contact details on Molly’s tag.

Its meant to cool down a little tomorrow evening, so I will aim to head out then!


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