Auckland Round The Bays 2014

Today marked Auckland’s Round The Bays fun run – NZ’s biggest participant run. Unfortunately a recent bug left me not feeling up to competing this year (I think my first non-participate in 7 years!). However, I went down to watch the start all the same. First off, just before the gun is the wheelchair participants. […]

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Running the Half

Today marked the Auckland Marathon, New Zealand’s biggest turn out marathon. As with many years gone by, I entered the half marathon. Unlike other years, I completed a big fat zero hours of training. Unsurprisingly, this left me fairly sore for the rest of the day. This year marked the first course change in a […]

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Waiting for the Marathon

Today marked the annual Auckland Marathon – New Zealand’s biggest marathon that starts at Devonport on the North Shore, heads into the CBD, out of it to the east bays and back into the CBD again. The more popular half Marathon also takes a similar journey, ending in the CBD rather than continuing on. For […]

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