A Walk on Wynyard

I finally got around to finishing off my film in the Rollei 35 and developing it today. I had forgotten all about some of the outings I had made with it.

Today’s image was taken whilst out on a walk around the Wynyard Quarter on the Auckland waterfront. Again scanning the B&W film on colour mode, the result is more sepia toned. I like how the old tram track lines in the foreground lead your vision to various parts of the image in the distance.

Weather has been a bit off this weekend so far, but all going well I hope to visit an outdoor art show tomorrow. No doubt I will take along a camera if that eventuates!


Black & White Sky

I managed to develop the film from the Rollei 35 last night. As previously mentioned, it was a 100asa I had pushed to 800asa. To top it off, its of about the cheapest film brand – Lucky SHD100. Overall I think I could have either pushed out the developing time/temperature, or given a little more exposure on the camera. I have not actually tested the camera against a light meter or one of my digital cameras, so should do that. Anyway, the film was a bit under exposed as a result of one of the above.

That being said, I did get a number of images I liked the feel of, today’s image ‘Black and White Sky’ being one of them.  After scanning I used Gimp to slightly straighten, crop and then bumped the contrast a little and added the slight sepia tone. Taken without any filters, I do like the boat masts reaching up to a dramatic sky and the ball of sun at the top.

Dark Forest River

Today’s image, ‘Dark Forest River’ came about from a second (with daylight and more time) walk through Smiths Bush today. Just before we entered there was a massive heavy downpour of rain, which resulted in some beautiful glistening, and flooded portions of the track. A small stream had widened quite a bit sine a few days ago and I took a few shots looking up it.

Armed with both digital and film, I managed to finish off a roll in my Rollei 35 today. I’ve been shooting the 100 as 800Asa, more for a push developing experiment as I have not tried that before. Fingers crossed I will have something to show you all for it some time later this week.

Using Gimp in post processing I first converted to B&W, then manipulated the image by squishing and stretching it a little and adding the black frame-lines to give us a bit of a ‘cinematographic feel’. I like the end result.

Wall of Bricks

I’m not sure why, but I always like a photo of brick or stone walls/fences. I cant quite pinpoint the attraction. Perhaps its just respect for a well made wall!?

So a wall it is for todays image! – Taken on the Ricoh with bleach mode, I played around with the color levels a little to bring back the red-brown of the bricks.

Most of this evening was spent putting my Fed-1 35mm rangefinder back together. Ive loaded it with a roll of B&W, so between that and my cellphone, thats all the camera equipment I intend to take with me to New Plymouth (…unless I swap it out for the initially intended Rollei 35). Im going to brush up on my sunny 16 skills as the Fed does not have a lightmeter.

Old Golf Course

I finally got around to developing my film I took at the beginning of the month on my Rollei 35T. Its the first film I have developed myself in quite some time, so I was eager to see how it went (also because I had not tested the Rollei 35’s light meter). From loading the film in complete black, to the smell of the mixing the chemicals, to holding ones breath as you open up the tank to see how/if the film turned out – it was a great experience (once more) and hugely satisfying compared to our instant reward of the modern digital age. I don’t think I would ever drop digital, but it has reminded me of my passion for film when you develop it yourself.

Todays image ‘Old Golf Course’ was taken up at Gulf Harbour. Aside from scanning to digital, adding the signature and resizing for the net in Gimp, I have left it untouched as it came from the camera.  As mentioned, taken on Rollei 35 T on 100asa lucky SHD100 film, developed with Ilford products.

Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown

All photos I took today were on film for my Rollei 35 – loaded with my first self develop film in some time. I finished the film, but realised I was missing my thermometer for developing, so will have to get another this week (and post my hopeful results).

Based on yesterdays popularity of ‘Paradise’, I thought I would add one more from the Lake Wakatipu region. Taken from the summit at Queenstown, the view is quite amazing. Todays image is a sew together of two images from my Ricoh. Due to the settings I had on it, I was getting some vignetting at the edges and had a hard time getting the color/shade match right when stitching them together…so its not perfect, but its ok considering.

For those interested, lake Wakatipu is New Zealand’s longest (80km) and third biggest lake. If you base yourself in Queenstown, you can do anything from skiing, para gliding, tramping… the list goes on. – you can also visit Paradise (yesterdays image).

Taken on the Ricoh GRD IV, 2X images, stitched in Gimp.

Hibiscus Friday

As another Friday rolls up winter is dawning ever closer. We are still getting some stunning cool but clear and fresh weather – in between heavy rain showers. Coming back to the office from an appointment I spotted a hibiscus bush in full bloom. Found in many countries around the world, in various species this great little flower also has a number of health benefits when drunk in tea form.

For today I just snapped its image.  I recently got a few bits put in the post for my old Rollei 35, so I’m craving some film taking in the near future. Due to this, post editing wise, I felt like giving it a bit of a lo-fi old color film look, so applied several filters/masks in Gimp. Its hard to believe from the photo that it was overcast, dark and wet an hour later!

The weekend begins now.

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