A Walk on Wynyard

I finally got around to finishing off my film in the Rollei 35 and developing it today. I had forgotten all about some of the outings I had made with it. Today’s image was taken whilst out on a walk around the Wynyard Quarter on the Auckland waterfront. Again scanning the B&W film on colour […]

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Black & White Sky

I managed to develop the film from the Rollei 35 last night. As previously mentioned, it was a 100asa I had pushed to 800asa. To top it off, its of about the cheapest film brand – Lucky SHD100. Overall I think I could have either pushed out the developing time/temperature, or given a little more […]

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Dark Forest River

Today’s image, ‘Dark Forest River’ came about from a second (with daylight and more time) walk through Smiths Bush today. Just before we entered there was a massive heavy downpour of rain, which resulted in some beautiful glistening, and flooded portions of the track. A small stream had widened quite a bit sine a few […]

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Wall of Bricks

I’m not sure why, but I always like a photo of brick or stone walls/fences. I cant quite pinpoint the attraction. Perhaps its just respect for a well made wall!? So a wall it is for todays image! – Taken on the Ricoh with bleach mode, I played around with the color levels a little […]

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Old Golf Course

I finally got around to developing my film I took at the beginning of the month on my Rollei 35T. Its the first film I have developed myself in quite some time, so I was eager to see how it went (also because I had not tested the Rollei 35’s light meter). From loading the […]

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Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown

All photos I took today were on film for my Rollei 35 – loaded with my first self develop film in some time. I finished the film, but realised I was missing my thermometer for developing, so will have to get another this week (and post my hopeful results). Based on yesterdays popularity of ‘Paradise’, […]

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Hibiscus Friday

As another Friday rolls up winter is dawning ever closer. We are still getting some stunning cool but clear and fresh weather – in between heavy rain showers. Coming back to the office from an appointment I spotted a hibiscus bush in full bloom. Found in many countries around the world, in various species this […]

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